Grape syrup

Every year, in mid-October, people get ready to pick grapes. They cleansed ludehs (wooden baskets) move to the gardens.



Different cultivars of grapes such as red, raisin, wine and syrup grapes are harvested. After separating the grapes and stripping the bunch of raisin grapes, they are boiled to extract their syrup.


First they prepare a small furnace in the yard (of course they use gas stoves nowadays, but the taste is not as delicious as the syrup that is prepared on the furnace).




After the furnace is prepared, enough amount of firewood is collected.

The grapes are spread out in a room for a few days in order to rest. In the next step, the grapes are thrown into a Kroush (a pond that was formerly built with mortar) and trampled. After trampling and collecting the grape juice, white soil is added to it. This soil is made of lime collected from the surrounding mountains. The soil acts as a filter for grape juice and also causes the grape juice to get sweet.


24 hours after soiling the grape juice, and when the soil is settled in the bottom of the container, the grapes are separated and now it’s time to turn on the furnace. Wood is put into the furnace and it is turned on.


They put a tray (something like a lid) on the furnace and pour the grape juice into it. Then, grape juice is boiled. After that the water is evaporated, grape syrup is extracted.

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