Welcome to Javaheri House. Experience the quiet life and diverse community of 5 ethnic groups in Bouin-Miandasht, Isfahan



€35.00 one persona night

raditional roomEach room we call is one of the relatives of Bouin Miandasht. The room is in the Georgian language – large room

  •  Breakfast

 cooling:Not necessary

  •     Heting:Gas heater

  •  free WIFI
  •  Lunch&Dinner

  • inthe courtyard 



Me and my friend planned to spend a night in Buin-Miandasht. At the end we spend three. And this was all due the great hospitality of Mr. Javaheri and Fateme who run the guest house. The house is an attraction for itself. We spent our time in early summer there and enjoyed so much the small garden with wall nut trees and other flowers. Around the garden lay simple furnished rooms for the guests, the kitchen and the bathroom. Yes, this could be probably the only concerning point for those who like to have the bathroom right in their room, in Javaheri House you have to share your bath and have to cross the yard to reach it. However, the rooms and all the house are so cosy that you just feel at home when you enter the yard for the first time. The guest keeper do their best to make you feel cosy as well. I travel a lot in Iran and I never ever have eaten so delicious local food in any other place so far! Moreover, Mr. Javaheri and Fateme are well knowing the local history, culture, tradition and natural sights. They care for reviving old handicrafts as much as fostering inter cultural dialogue between the guests and the locals. If you want to visit an interesting area in Iran, an area that is not known widely but offers natural beauty of the Zagros mountains as well as cultural variety - in this area Armenians, Georigans, Iranians, Christians and Muslims live house to house for over 400 years - don't miss Javaheri House!
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