Georgian Live Museum

From the farms of agriculture with the image of the Zagros Mountains (Sabela) to the old house for more than 150 years, which is called the Georgian House, in this house the culture and customs, language, tools and languages of the Georgians, joined four hundred years ago It is alive visually visible. The palace of this house has been brought to this area from the throat of Georgia. There is life in this house.

* Tour: Urban – Historical Experiences – Walking

* Price:  €5.00

Laleh Vaghgun

Fritillaria, the legendary Iranian flower that called it “tear of mud”, “tears of Maryam” and “Taj Kaiser” and Siavash tears, has flourished throughout the Zagros slopes these days.
Laleh Vaghgun is one of the 12,000 herbs found in Iran. This flower stretches between 100 and 120 cm above the surface of the Earth, with large bell flowers, sometimes with orange, red, and yellow mountains in the Zagros area.
The main habitat of this rare plant is the range of the Zagros Mountains and they will be planted late in April and will retain their flowers until late May.

Reversed tulips are the rare flowers of the world. These wild flowers offer a short time in mid-spring in the foothills. Although this beautiful flower can be seen across the Zagros slopes, seeing these legendary flowers on the white slopes of Zagros has a different perspective.

Tour: Nature-oriented – Historical – Mountaineering – Experienced

price: €25.00

Zagros beautiful waterfalls

Zagros Mountain has a beautiful and wildlife. Most of Iran’s waterfalls are located in this mountain. Two of these springs are close to us. The Poonehzar Waterfall, which is located 50 kms.
the majority of the waterfalls of Isfahan are located in Ferydoun Shahr and Semirom, Pounezar waterfall is a glance to them. The scenery of the waterfall along with the culture of various ethnic groups living peacefully together is a great chance to add unique experiences to your journey.

Tour: Nature-oriented – Historical – Mountaineering – Experienced

price: €25.00

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