Buin and Miandasht is the coolest city in Isfahan Province. It enjoys different ethnic groups such as Fars people, Lors, Turks, Georgians, and Armenians. It shines as a dice on the ring of demography and tourism. Its fantastic cool weather (8-28 C° in summers and -29-0 C° in winters) has made this =city as one of the promenades for tourists. The Javaheri House – ecolodge Edifice is to provide a different space for a one-day visit of this city and its surroundings for those interested in the nature, culture, and eco-tourism.



javaheri house
We are Mehdi – Fatima and my daughter satayesh a few years ago to take care of this building. The reason for this care was that Mahdi was built in one of the rooms of this building. After two years of restoration, we succeeded in restoring our grandfather’s house, and we tried very hard not to interfere in architecture and decorations, even decoration, like courses Before this building was erected


Painting artist- landartist- photographer
He is also a naturalist and active artistic and socialist.
In his resume, he has exhibited numerous art exhibitions in various countries.
He began his artistic and social cultural activities from the age of 10

High School Teacher – Social Activities
Recovering local dolls and crafts such as Jajim and Givh
He is interested in reading the children of the village through

reading and his future goals are the establishment of a mobile library.


Folk music(Kamancheh. The kamancheh is an Iranian bowed string instrument)

player and interested in reading and promoting.
Just give him a 200-page book and hand over it in  afew hours

Mss Nayereh
Nayereh is an artist and housewife who cookes delicious dishesof the javaheri house
In addition to cooking, she also knows the sewing and the fruit of the arrangement. Nayera works with love

آقا مجتبی علایی

mr mojtaba
he is the wife of Naira and a man who is active and well-kept. he is responsible for all aspects of the establishment of the javaheri house. In the light of the fire, he has a particular flair. He knows enough about the location of flowers and plants to the place of the reptiles and birds. He knows nature well.

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